1)       Golden Memories is committed first and foremost to serving God and with His power and help we will strive to honor Him in all we do.

2)       Golden Memories is committed to excellence in our work and with customer service.  We will always treat our customers with respect and strive to resolve any problem/issue with love and understanding.

3)       All Golden Memories products are 100% guaranteed.  If the customer is not satisfied with the work, they will not be charged and any money /deposits on the work will be refunded.

4)       Golden Memories does not claim any Copy Rights to any of our client photos.  When they receive their disc at the completion of the job, the pictures are theirs to do with as they wish.

5)       Golden Memories may use client’s photos for advertising and promotional purposes with their permission.

6)       Golden Memories is committed to public service and will strive to serve the community in any way possible through our photography.

7)       On Location Outdoor Photo Session Weather Policy:  For the health and safety of our clients  as well as our staff, and in the interest of producing the best product possible,  if the National Weather Service issues a heat advisory or warning, in most cases Golden Memories will  request that the photo session be rescheduled if possible.  We understand that it is not always possible to reschedule in cases such as an event or wedding, and each situation will be considered according to the circumstances.


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